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20-07-03 19:07:34
negative-zero: Teach me Indian
57 days ago

solitary: Tayo mag otso otso otso mag otso osto na tayo mag otso otso otso mag osto otso na
111 days ago

ryoushi: Kochi kochi
114 days ago

mamabear: My son committed suicide today. All I know is his journal was open, its contents and its browser history leads me to believe he was called someon whose name is a cuss? He was bullied this way? User=shrugidk

Any clues anything is a help
132 days ago

ciihuy: Buy meki
210 days ago

mr-uchiha123: Buying fire demon horn 1000c
226 days ago

-supercell-: plok plok plok
286 days ago

psyco-brother: -ghost-
287 days ago

dnz: can anyone teach me
334 days ago

darmo: Hi
337 days ago

darmo: Acha hr
339 days ago

dnz: Can you teach me India
354 days ago

vuongvodoi: Dmm
365 days ago

381 days ago

naga_siren: Janem janem janem jangan asem
398 days ago

ipul_uchiha: Check mp for cheap item
475 days ago

-moonlight-: -rofl-
481 days ago

vuongvodoi: Loz
499 days ago

rendy567: Rohid mahetra
501 days ago

search-search: kabhi kushi kabhi gham
541 days ago

axelash: hellloooooo
571 days ago

killer_phoenix: Hello
572 days ago

generals_victor_: Hello
598 days ago

-boss22-: Ha
606 days ago

-asmodeus-: Lol
607 days ago