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20-02-23 16:56:29
mamabear: My son committed suicide today. All I know is his journal was open, its contents and its browser history leads me to believe he was called someon whose name is a cuss? He was bullied this way? User=shrugidk

Any clues anything is a help
1 day ago

gear4: Need credit donors
48 days ago

mr-uchiha123: Buying fire demon horn 1000c
95 days ago

-kakashi: />
153 days ago

-kakashi: >/
153 days ago

-supercell-: plok plok plok
155 days ago

psyco-brother: -ghost-
156 days ago

gypsiqueen: Forums


New message
188 days ago

dnz: wie wil leer afrikaans
202 days ago

darmo: Hi
206 days ago

darmo: Erere gore
208 days ago

dnz: Kan iemand afrikaans praat as jy verstaan dan stuur my 'n post
228 days ago

vuongvodoi: Dmm
234 days ago

250 days ago

xkakashix: "--
338 days ago

ipul_uchiha: Check mp for cheap item
344 days ago

-moonlight-: @-centaur-: sell it to me -lol-
349 days ago

-centaur-: found recipe Dragon Armor!
350 days ago

beastytee: .
359 days ago

generals_victor_: Agi kamo tanan
466 days ago

dnz: @silac: moenie jou eie taal praat hier dis Afrikaans gefrek
490 days ago

dnz: As Jy Kan nie Afrikaans skryf nie Dan skryf Jy nie
490 days ago

dnz: Suid-Africanners ons moet op hier praat dis for ons
490 days ago

dnz: As Jy Wil in 'n clan wees praat saam met my
490 days ago

dnz: (If you want to learn Afrikaans ask me I'll teach you some)as julle Wil he ek jou Afrikaans vir jou Leer moet Jy niet vra
490 days ago