Gesels » Newbies (Verander)
18-12-19 18:03:07
neval: How can i get titled ms? All dropped ms are untitled
1 dag ago

argos: 179,540
7 days ago

killer_phoenix: Check out the holy matrimony topic
9 days ago

xkakashix: so this is the venue?
9 days ago

killer_phoenix: Ok
9 days ago

solofortune: ok
24 days ago

-kakashi: Teach me pls
26 days ago

_starlight_: anyone can give me entrance key?!
47 days ago

paladin0: @argos: new bie is lvl 128 ;D,is 2016?
59 days ago

argos: Not me
59 days ago

dnz: The chat is dry
59 days ago

dnz: Is there anyone that speaks Afrikaans please chat on the Afrikaans chat
59 days ago

dnz: What did he say that's racist
59 days ago

dnz: Newbie
59 days ago

dnz: Neebie
59 days ago

dnz: A new nie at level 120
59 days ago

argos: Hi im a newbie. How to levelup fast?
60 days ago

silverhand: hi
60 days ago

-ghostlykillerz-: No Racism Everyone.... Be careful what you say in a chat
75 days ago

twister94: You guys are getting bqnned for sure.
80 days ago

beep10: @fisch1975: racist ;D
127 days ago

naga_siren: Hiatus
167 days ago

-vimper-: Lol
167 days ago

chimmug--: -lol-
170 days ago

nightshadows: @royal_pain: so are you -taunt-
172 days ago