Chat » Newbies (change)
19-04-22 10:45:47
courvax: Marketplace Chat!! ^^
1 day ago

charlie1993: hi
12 days ago

-smoking-: Mr-uchiha123 babi...
29 days ago

abiola: Hi! am new here
35 days ago

ipul_uchiha: Check mp for cheap item
37 days ago

-moonlight-: everyone was a noob once -lol-
42 days ago

goombaling: :R
48 days ago

gilliusjohn: retardical newbies can't you get the facts straight -angry-
68 days ago

gilliusjohn: *sticks arm through chest* *dies* -facepalm-
68 days ago

riz4l: bump
90 days ago

kirch1es: Hello
100 days ago

necozi: Hmm am I still a noob...?
106 days ago

naga_siren: Whyyyyyyyy
107 days ago

ford0whitewater: anyone need part of king barbarians mace #3?
119 days ago

-teletabis-: Gold: 553,135,662
Experience: 8,086,516,226/8,100,068,666 (99%).
121 days ago

neval: How can i get titled ms? All dropped ms are untitled
125 days ago

argos: 179,540
130 days ago

killer_phoenix: Check out the holy matrimony topic
133 days ago

xkakashix: so this is the venue?
133 days ago

killer_phoenix: Ok
133 days ago

solofortune: ok
147 days ago

-kakashi: Teach me pls
149 days ago

_starlight_: anyone can give me entrance key?!
171 days ago

paladin0: @argos: new bie is lvl 128 ;D,is 2016?
182 days ago

argos: Not me
183 days ago