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19-08-20 05:57:35
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New message
16 hours ago

-moonlight-: Hello 😁
3 days ago

inklers: Hello.
16 days ago

darmo: Hi
18 days ago

-cacabaca-: Buy barbar vii ms/weapon
25 days ago

slasher429: do the things that give u free creeits work ???
29 days ago

arthon56: ill help to
33 days ago

dnz: Thanks for messagING me I hope I help you guys out I'm still free to help
36 days ago

arthon65: hey anyone here
37 days ago

dnz: Awe newbies need some help I'll try help you
Tap on my name and message me
41 days ago

sasuke1510: Hazz. Can give me credits
41 days ago

calavera: Hi
42 days ago

62 days ago

bernie: Lalalala
97 days ago

charlie1993: hi
132 days ago

-smoking-: Mr-uchiha123 babi...
149 days ago

abiola: Hi! am new here
155 days ago

ipul_uchiha: Check mp for cheap item
156 days ago

-moonlight-: everyone was a noob once -lol-
162 days ago

goombaling: :R
168 days ago

gilliusjohn: retardical newbies can't you get the facts straight -angry-
188 days ago

gilliusjohn: *sticks arm through chest* *dies* -facepalm-
188 days ago

riz4l: bump
209 days ago

kirch1es: Hello
220 days ago

necozi: Hmm am I still a noob...?
225 days ago