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19-10-19 07:11:00
fretky: ;(
11 days ago

necozi: how do i do stuff with gems, and what do i do with my magic scroll
12 days ago

bernie: Online: 1
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bernie Level 136
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21 days ago

bernie: Ayy sorry wrong chat bess-rofl-
26 days ago

bernie: Oyy pogi...wampipti
26 days ago

psyco-brother: -ghost-
28 days ago

-supercell-: plok plok plok
29 days ago

_mr-executive_: Hiyahhh
29 days ago

argos: -diablo-
44 days ago

argos: -pig-
44 days ago

argos: -elf-
44 days ago

yamete_kudasai: Ughhh
51 days ago

bernie: Hi
52 days ago

gypsiqueen: Forums


New message
60 days ago

-moonlight-: Hello 😁
63 days ago

inklers: Hello.
76 days ago

darmo: Hi
78 days ago

-cacabaca-: Buy barbar vii ms/weapon
85 days ago

slasher429: do the things that give u free creeits work ???
89 days ago

arthon56: ill help to
93 days ago

dnz: Thanks for messagING me I hope I help you guys out I'm still free to help
96 days ago

arthon65: hey anyone here
97 days ago

dnz: Awe newbies need some help I'll try help you
Tap on my name and message me
101 days ago

sasuke1510: Hazz. Can give me credits
101 days ago

calavera: Hi
102 days ago