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20-08-13 22:21:14
cameran: This game is strange. When I play I feel like I'm being watched...

2 days ago

cameran: @poncho70: you dumb.....

like me.
2 days ago

poncho70: how do you click
8 days ago

xxdriftyxx2: breath
20 days ago

xxdriftyxx2: how do i beeath?
20 days ago

argos: 👋👋 newbmates.
21 days ago

-chocolate-: -hearth-
25 days ago

-tr4x3x-: Trade my magma dragon scroll II to your Faerie dragon's Magic scroll (II)
27 days ago

-shotgun-: How to chat?
35 days ago

tsugumi: Ohh thanks....
54 days ago

n0tistime: Just post any sites in general chat then u can get :( smilies like that
54 days ago

tsugumi: @n0tistime: Ohh how do I use smilies then??
54 days ago

n0tistime: Go home page and when you seen log out press it
54 days ago

tsugumi: How do I read message?
54 days ago

dog12: @poncho70: What?
76 days ago

dog12: Lol.
76 days ago

poncho70: @tsugumi: your kiding wright?
77 days ago

tsugumi: How to log in?
78 days ago

poncho70: @khanh: do not beg for credits it is considerd unkind
78 days ago

slimeyhd2: lol that was my message in Martis
82 days ago

aikon21: sup
86 days ago

slimeyhd: -search-
88 days ago

slimeyhd: I am level 20. And I want to go back to the geginning. But how? :?
88 days ago

-shotgun-: Buying:S
106 days ago

-shotgun-: harpy hags magic amulet
• infernal troglodyte magic amulet
• scorpicore magic amulet
• scorpicore king magic amulet
• medusa queen magic amulet
• medusa emeror magic amulet
106 days ago