Chat » Romanian (change)
18-07-22 09:10:28
-vimper-: Heh
17 days ago

_division_: Hi
20 days ago

saints-indo: ★★
27 days ago

kiyoya: free piece who want pm me now
121 days ago

-tr4x3x-: Killed thousands of sahuagin and found nothing! Poor -tr4x3x-
140 days ago

knighz: New type weapon.mythi
162 days ago

knighz: Hi
162 days ago

dragon_master2: hi
192 days ago

-imnotclumsy-: (ง •̀_•́)ง *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧
193 days ago

notengodinero: An Nou Fericit!!! :)
196 days ago

chimmug--: Merry Christmas
208 days ago

-dontkillme-: found Power lich's Magic scroll
325 days ago

_dangerous_: -good- Check chat ✅
348 days ago

-crasher-: Has Become Supreme Barbarian!
383 days ago

-crasher-: found present 🎁
383 days ago

pai-pai: Gal gal
402 days ago

mustorador: amigos lats praga
440 days ago

-timeless-: New game ! Find me when im logd on this chr to do Shenlong Challenge and offer me something and get free recipe. Good luck !
448 days ago

1headshot2: Esti pe aici ?
449 days ago

1headshot2: Imi trebuie una ,da tocmai am bagat 130 cred pe hp :/ daca poti sa o pastrezi pt mine te rog ... Aia imi mai trebuie ,si vreau sa scrolez eye sub lvl 80
450 days ago

-v--warrior-: 2...da imi tre mie 1
450 days ago

1headshot2: Mai ai vre-o myst token rec ?
450 days ago

-v--warrior-: Ok;D
450 days ago

1headshot2: Nici nu stiam ca e chatul asta
450 days ago

1headshot2: Ok mersi ,am vrut sa te rog ceva ,dar nu mai e nevoie .
450 days ago

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