Chat » General (Baguhin)
19-03-21 17:55:25
maybe12: I shoot -dance-
41 seconds ago

maybe12: Winner: blackmamba_
maybe12 - 360,945
blackmamba_ - 765,382
50 seconds ago

misdirection: @-harlequin-: thats better than assassin with bow -rofl-
3 min. ago

-harlequin-: druid wit a bow -funny-
4 min. ago

camrox19: Dragonbones and Warsong Quiver
5 min. ago

maybe12: ;)
5 min. ago

sill: Okay I thought so, ty maybe12 and mamba
6 min. ago

miss_president: I want nightfall-rofl-
7 min. ago

blackmamba_: Dragonbones acceptable
Soulflame donateable
8 min. ago

_division_: talons-good-
8 min. ago

maybe12: Dragonbones
8 min. ago

sill: I need advice.. Is my soulflame acceptable or should I switch to dragonbones? -rofl-
9 min. ago

miss_president: Wow
9 min. ago

maybe12: 😂😂
10 min. ago

_division_: Winner: blackmamba_
_division_ - 3
blackmamba_ - 808,428
About battle-think-
10 min. ago

maybe12: 😂😂
11 min. ago

_division_: go in
11 min. ago

blackmamba_: -sad-
12 min. ago

maybe12: @blackmamba_: no ty
14 min. ago

_division_: hey hey hey whats up
14 min. ago

maybe12: Look u off 😂😂
14 min. ago

blackmamba_: @maybe12: enter:)
14 min. ago

maybe12: @bernie: then kill ur 100 units
15 min. ago

bernie: Besid,es it was just a coincidence that we pressed at the same time
16 min. ago

bernie: Abused?
17 min. ago