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19-06-24 21:45:06
drow-ranger: this is what i chose to wake up to, im going back to sleep
10 min ago

dskzero: @zero_deaths: Im not the one tha blame Blackmamba_, i heard warnings about this user before of this. You call me stupid, well, go and say that to the much users angry with this men!. Do you have the courage? now, bye.
12 min ago

dskzero: @zero_deaths: you defend the undefended. Im no have more to say. Let the admi and mods take hands in this. You afraid of the rules. And broken. Respect the rules. Bye
17 min ago

zero_deaths: Well... first of all, Bush did 9/11...
Secondly, you're reporting someone because he killed you in a hardcore PvP zone? Seriously, do you even listen to yourself? LOL
21 min ago

dskzero: I will reported to the mods and admi that evil and silly pvker: Blackmamba_ . I acuse him of steal and use the rules of this game to his benefic. This is all, friend, you will fall down like planes in the 11/09. A cheater player, thats is you are.
23 min ago

zero_deaths: @dskzero: actually im just a random guy who cant stand people that blame someone else for their mistake :) I just have to intervene when I see that, especially on the General chat
25 min ago

dskzero: @zero_deaths: so, do you are the Blackmamba_ lawyer?. Keep in your bussines, im talking with the boss, no with the maid :v
28 min ago

blackmamba_: I saw you in necro arena so I press attack:F
33 min ago

zero_deaths: Banned? Why? Because he's playing the game?
34 min ago

blackmamba_: -rofl-
35 min ago

dskzero: So, you denied kill me and steal my gear?. What coward u are dude. You deserve going banned
35 min ago

zero_deaths: Ah, I see, a death in a castle... well, not to burst your bubble pal, but castles clearly say "WARNING, HARDCORE PVP"
36 min ago

zero_deaths: Cheats? Tricks? Mamba!? Did someone see a bad dream or something? ;D
37 min ago

blackmamba_: -huh-
41 min ago

dskzero: @blackmamba_ you are a coward and a lower player, play clean, or u are a loser who not can play witouth cheats and bad tricks?. You dont deserve your level, coward
45 min ago

dskzero: @Blackmamba_
53 min ago

dskzero: @Blackmanba_ kill me and steal my gear.
55 min ago

krusty_krab: @dskzero: np dude
5 hours ago

dskzero: @krusty_krab: Thanks dude. I use weakness, slow and soul bind. I think is better reduce the damage
5 hours ago

krusty_krab: @dskzero: @dv1
5 hours ago

dilan_1990: Milea Don't cry, because you are the
reason someone smiles.
5 hours ago

krusty_krab: theres anothet one below
5 hours ago

crystalldrag0n: I can't keep my eyes open bbl soon
5 hours ago

krusty_krab: @dskzero: use soulbind twice and bloodlust as ur spell set
5 hours ago

crystalldrag0n: Im falling asleep
5 hours ago