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19-07-17 16:44:05
horrorscope: @bernie: thank me later -rofl-
18 seconds ago

bernie: Woah... This gives a whole new meaning to my life-rofl-
1 minute ago

horrorscope: yeah it could but u cant enjoy shot bonus since ur assasin
3 min. ago

bernie: Wait so an assassin could equip that quiver plus a bow?!
4 min. ago

-timeless-: It's probably like fire dragon ll it can go on stuff other than rings
4 min. ago

-timeless-: @bernie: I have some of those titles
5 min. ago

bernie: Assassin VII is only for weapons right?
6 min. ago

-dothraki-: @bernie: Inventory
Assassin's Magic scroll (VII)
Assassin's Magic scroll (VII)
Crafted with gear items.
Damage: +20-40
Dexterity: +40
7 min. ago

horrorscope: @bernie: i dont know either
8 min. ago

bernie: How in the world?!
9 min. ago

bernie: @horrorscope:Item titles
Assassin's ... (V)
Available for:
9 min. ago

l4stl00k: dreamer please investigate this game is not fair
10 min. ago

horrorscope: @bernie: u dont know? now u know ..thank me later
11 min. ago

bernie: Wearing items
Assassin's Redwood Quiver (VII)
Assassin's Redwood Quiver (VII)
Legendary item

Say what?!
11 min. ago

sidon: Wish it was the helm;D...
12 min. ago

bernie: Someone died in castle;D
13 min. ago

horrorscope: hello there timeless, my gosh i missed this char
13 min. ago

sidon: Dont you dare@sniper19
13 min. ago

l4stl00k: idk why he doing to me he can see in my log im not selling credits why
14 min. ago

b00m: Opps his gone
16 min. ago

-dothraki-: thank you so much sir @dreamer ..i owe u a lot ..
16 min. ago

-timeless-: @argos: very interesting to know!
16 min. ago

b00m: Try to ask your self @|4st00k
16 min. ago

-dothraki-: but Kehs are ring? wheres the key?
20 min. ago

argos: Keh as a name for boys means "keeper of the keys; earth". -google
21 min. ago