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20-01-21 23:37:17
scarar: I'm glad to see you're all having having fun again ;D
51 sec ago

nightshadows: Congratulations! You KILLED Mountain Lion!
Gold: +33,631,679
Experience: +121,822,810,000
Lottery tokens: +1
Event Token: +1
Got item! Matriarchal bow of Dexterity (II)
26 min ago

crystalldrag0n: I'll die later lol back to timeless
56 min ago

crystalldrag0n: Antagarich's Chest cool
1 hour ago

-_deadshot_-: Wake me up;
Wake me up inside;
1 hour ago

superman_slayer: Mountain Lion - Ace (10)
Mountain Lion

Congratulations! You KILLED Mountain Lion!
Gold: +65,686,893
Experience: +256,887,230,000
Lottery tokens: +1

superman_slayer - 3,351,623
Mountain Lion - 37,888
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Theat 1 looks like a new quest
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Rarval Deg
Rarval Deg
Our water supplies are being drained mysteriously.
Help us out so I may brew my magic potions.
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Ren Voza
Ren Voza
You are not worthy to disturb me.
1 hour ago

weasel257-: Congratulations! You won the battle!
Experience: +5,769,451,355 [50%]
weasel257- - 138,936
Mountain Lion - 92,485
1 hour ago

superman_slayer: Hey dreamer I just bought 10,000c in g2 and didn’t get any sp here
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Redel Staz
Redel Staz
There is nothing I do not know about you.
You shall not pass.
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Reber Nisk
Reber Nisk
We will rise.
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Antagarich's Library
Antagarich's Library
All you find is dusty shelves.
1 hour ago

weasel257-: Rec of e.c and glacial just from hell ghoul?? Bet
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Ty! Ty!
1 hour ago

superman_slayer: :) done
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: It's very strong lol rescue me please
1 hour ago

superman_slayer: Mob*
1 hour ago

superman_slayer: I know finally a mod I don’t decapitate
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: Mountain Lion - Basic (0)
You have been attacked!
Mountain Lion -swoon-
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: You lost the battle.
crystalldrag0n - 2,347
Mountain Lion - 226,434
1 hour ago

crystalldrag0n: O wow this is very cool
1 hour ago

superman_slayer: Yes mam
1 hour ago

-timeless-: Omg for real? Cool! Cool!
1 hour ago