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18-12-17 04:23:28
-iky-: Reply @chicken :)
32 sec ago

seikiriyutei: -rofl-
9 min ago

crystalldrag0n: Use this limited time offer & support the game!
Please note that +33% bonus will be added on top of what is displayed before the purchase.
21 min ago

chicken-2: at least u comeback online now -lol-
21 min ago

-iky-: Comeback? I never left.. just busy irl :)
22 min ago

redclaw: energy and traveler...I guess
28 min ago

-rm-: Owh..okie..thanks
28 min ago

redclaw: diamond, frenzy
29 min ago

-rm-: Did anyone know what is the reward for top arena rank?
29 min ago

chicken-2: woah, sis iky comeback. welcome
30 min ago

-iky-: mp chat please :)
36 min ago

rip_doraemon: -lol- fatality lvl 125 beggar too -lol-
39 min ago

flamewizard: ;D
40 min ago

nightshadows: » Ignored people (141) long list ;D
41 min ago

nightshadows: Lvl 102 beggar -rofl-
42 min ago

flamewizard: hahahahaha
45 min ago

rip_doraemon: Last time u say stop begging, but do it again and again -rofl-
47 min ago

flamewizard: ok i try to stop begging
48 min ago

rip_doraemon: Work hard and u can grow up, not being a beggar
48 min ago

flamewizard: hahaha because im weak
49 min ago

rip_doraemon: Yeah becouse u the only one begging many think :P
50 min ago

flamewizard: you have 1ignored people me 50people already
51 min ago

flamewizard: nice
52 min ago

flamewizard: hahahaya
52 min ago

rip_doraemon: Ignored people (1)
52 min ago