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20-01-19 20:56:29
scarar: @-timeless-: was that even a question -_-
41 sec ago

-timeless-: Ty
1 min ago

nezuko: Superman
2 min ago

scarar: Won evil santa ms -swoon-
3 min ago

-timeless-: Who won Evil Santa ms?
3 min ago

aspect-2k: @-timeless-: your pm
8 min ago

-timeless-: Never mind . I'll just ask dreamer
10 min ago

aspect-2k: @-timeless-: no
11 min ago

-timeless-: Wait? Nightmare bought spoof gear for real $$ so spoof got suspended?
14 min ago

aspect-2k: Bye-sad-
20 min ago

ya_krevedko: I mean if nightmare transferred him money for gear and didn't get it, he should be also suspended -lol-
20 min ago

boudica: ;D Just sweep it under the rug. Maybe people will forget about it. :)
22 min ago

-timeless-: I just wanted to know why spoof got suspended
23 min ago

-timeless-: Im not going to talk about people who aren't here to defend themselves
23 min ago

ya_krevedko: But what exactly he did to nightmare?
24 min ago

-timeless-: Exactly. This conversation stops now.
24 min ago

-shogun-: @scarar: yeah i know it hurts to say this i just want kiss lol and his main to get suspended
25 min ago

-_deadshot_-: Thats insane... :/
25 min ago

scarar: @aspect-2k: don't do that in g1 chat - it would be disrespectful towards your friend superman
26 min ago

aspect-2k: @scarar: cuz everyone has to know the truth
27 min ago

scarar: @aspect-2k: why are you making all this public -facepalm-
28 min ago

aspect-2k: @-timeless-: i just told it look 2 chats back
29 min ago

-timeless-: He cant make anyone get suspended. There has to be a reason.
29 min ago

aspect-2k: He is such a horible person
29 min ago

aspect-2k: @-timeless-: superman tryed to buy spoofs account i knew it but am one of superman friend i would never betray but nightmare got both
30 min ago