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11/2017 RECIPES - Alpha - Cleaner version (New recipes not included) (2) (illusionz)
***10/2017 RECIPES sorted by SLOT (1) (illusionz)
Craft Info (33) (rizalkiller)
RULES For Black Dragon RPG - Translated to Indonesian (1) (boudica)
RULES For Black Dragon RPG (1) (boudica)
WARNING - Do Not Click URLs (2) (cherokee_rose)
Items needed to craft Ultimate Ring and God's Amulet (1) (-jecht-)
How to SELECT Title using Super Magic Scrolls (4) (-zen-)
All City Directions Here (3) (angelofsin)
How to find Quest units for your level: (1) (boudica)
🔱Location of Conflux Amulet [COMPLETE] (6) (belthazar)
Quest Viddoc by Red (5) (glowing_red)
Dragon Scrolls, Special Mobs and Super Mobs II Titles Stats (16) (hellsfury)
Hunted Ingredients & Jewels for legendary recipes (1) (ladydrgn)
dragonstone quest by me (13) (-iu-)
Class Runes information (5) (apocalypse-)
Help Me For Prince Gelare (6) (-lord_argacn-)
Wicked Witch Quest guide (10) (retromarthmus)
Updated List of Legendary Recipes & Ingredients July 2016 (credits to illusionz) (5) (-dothraki-)
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