Strategy » Trying to grind exp? Try this!
gilliusjohn: troll alert
19-04-25 12:04
retromarthmus: Lol
17-05-06 10:01
link567: I recently found out that killing 250 enemies gives either frenzy or energy for 1 hour, so before grinding go do your clan jobs and max it out, you will get one of the two. Hopefully it's frenzy but energy is good too. Now go to your level's arena with a bunch of rejuvenation/full rejuvenation potions and go farm! Erathia arena has enemies with around 40 dex and gives 10k exp per hit, Level 60-80 arenas give 20k and have around 80-100dex. Sadly I'm not level 80 so I don't know what you get in them...
16-09-23 15:58
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