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-chosen-: Small issue with the "first time" events, as well as a beginners task awarding credits, who is to say somebody won't make multiple accounts just to farm credits? The monsters would be okay, but you need a fairly slow rate since you can already buy credits. I also think the idea of buying credits giving you skill points is already dumb enough, the game is basically pay to win now, which is terrible. I think this could be a decent enough fix.
18-11-18 01:57
onelostwarrior: Yeah. These are great ideas and i feel bad that i always destroy all items i dont need.
18-08-06 08:54
coolwater: Monsters drop items worth credits. Maybe we should make a fourm listing all ingredients dropped by monsters levels 1-20, then 20-40. This would help new players make some bucks, and help older players find the equipment they need. Also might lower the overall cost of certain items. I often stock my mp with equipment for lower level players listed at 1 gold each to encourage them to keep going, we need to help this site gain more players, and I am sure that paying players would be better for them. Some creatures drop lottery tokens that can get credits maybe the chances could be more stacked for players who recently registered. After all look at my character I am level 90 with decent gear but after registering on the 24th of last month so it isn't impossible for players to earn credits fast.
18-04-18 20:42
1lonleyhero: Most things in this amazing rpg cost credits. Most things in the market cost credits. However it is a while before you start earning them. This causes beginers and even some experianced people to miss out on awsome things. I think that all or most monsters should drop credits. With stronger monsters droping more credits. The rate should be low to keep people from getting something like 35 credits a level. The rate should stay the same since things will cost more credits the farther you go. There should also be a tutorial task with a reward of 5 credits to get people started. The people should be warned not to spend them to fast. You should also be awarded credits for doing things for the first time like trading, joining a clan, and attacking another player. There could also be a NPC who transfers gold to credits, for people who have loads of gold they dont use. This of course is just a bunch of ideas but I would love to see them become reality in a new update. As the develpers it's your choice but please consider it.
ps.Love this rpg
18-01-19 00:38
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