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boudica: Maybe you can bump it on the anniversary date every year? Start a tradition?
19-06-25 11:04
gangsterino999: bump
19-05-13 07:03
gangsterino999: But mods may check it and that's why I created this thread.
19-02-24 20:31
boudica: Ok. Throw yourself on the ground, start screaming & kicking your feet... Maybe that will get you the attention that you want.

What you are doing is called 'he said, she said'. Nobody can give you the answer you want. We don't know the truth of what actually happened. We have only your word for it.
19-02-13 14:27
gangsterino999: "Try really reading the Rules instead of saying that you did"
Oh well, you mentioning it so much, so let's read it together (looks like you forgot some of it, but it's ok) and especially this article, because every other is about "temporary ban" and doesn't have an actual role in our conversation:
"You will immdetiately get Suspended for breaking any of these rules:

13. No Account Selling, Sharing, Giving, or Trading.

14. Selling or Buying Credits from other players for real money (or phone air time, load, etc.) is NOT allowed.

15. No Automated bots.

16. No Manipulation of code(s) and/or abuse of glitches.

17. No Cloning the user name of other players or admin"
Did I perform something from this list? I completely don't.
19-02-07 14:21
gangsterino999: All you do now is just senselessly rephrase yer first message, made it long-ass, but what's the reason? Every my question is still remains ignored and it looks like you actually just have nothing to say (:

"Account suspension is the penalty for serious infractions of the Rules"
There were no SERIOUS infractions of the rules.

"You are either denial of what you did"
What I did to reach the account suspension? (: Nothing, in truth. I've been agreed with ban, but punishment were performed later didn't consistent with the rules, don't I right?

"I know that any mod will tell you why you are suspended"
But still no one did it, how ironic. Even when I asking for this and mostly have no idea.
19-02-07 14:01
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