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onelostwarrior: Example: You start in your house (more on that later) and you automatically go outside and are greeted by an NPC (lets call him bob) Bob tells you he's worried about his son (herby dubbed Jake) since Jake hasn't returned since he left the village to investigate why the once peaceful BD has been terrorizing the land. He gives you some money and tells you to buy some armor from the armor person (i forgot what they're called) you head to their house and purchase your choice of armor. When you exit the shop Bob meets you and gives you a weapon. You both head out of the village and see Jake surrounded by monsters. Bob tells you to attack one when you beat it you see all four run off (more on this later) when you get back to the village Jake inforfs you that a villager told him that something has made peaceful creatures and people hostile and there are few peaceful creatures or people left. Even the BD has been attacking for quite some time now. You realize it is only a matter of time untill the BD attacks your village and vow to find the source of this violence or you will have to slay the BD.
18-08-06 22:28
onelostwarrior: As you read this keep in mind that I love this RPG and am not trying to be rude or whine about the RPG. First the strory. The main point of the rpg is you going to slay the Black Dragon. Even though the BD only appears in pvp servers. Also there is no explination to why your charecter leaves to fight the BD a simple thing like: the BD killed your family,Would suffice. You could add some story to everything. It is also never explained why everyone attacks you. Even the elfs and dwarfs who are intelligent enough to make bows,arrows, and axes. I have an example for the start of the story.
18-08-06 22:02
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