Ideas » Clan Boosts shouldn't affect PvP.
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wretched_old_me: nvm, I like clan boosts and jewels, it rewards players who grind out the game and punishes lazy players
18-11-16 03:53
wretched_old_me: With clan boosts being a counted variable in PvP, it makes it incredibly unfair. Clans are for multiple players, and not all players do clan jobs, and sometimes players are unable to participate in said jobs. This means that the clan with a more active player base benefits while other clans may suffer. I understand the point of clan jobs is to provide a boost to the more active player base, but in PvP, this is unfair and unnecessary. Jewels are the exact same way, they run away from smart and strategic spell usage, and push PvP in a more "I have done more than you" sort of direction, when PvP is competitive and should be based around strategy. Just an idea and opinion, remove Clan Job boosts and jewel/elixer/charm boosts from PvP on Gaia #1
18-11-16 03:01
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