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trinetra: hello...

please add the search option...which can search through every city's chest in one single search...

like...seaching any titled magic scroll, the search may scan every chest in one that we dont have to rush in every city, one by one...

it would be very helpfull...
18-04-16 08:23
fisch1975: Page surfing:
At least aside located forward/backward arrows would be helpful.
18-03-26 13:15
fisch1975: Page surfing:

Please renew the page links [1 2 3 … 20] into [1 · 2 · 3 · … · 20] or [1 | 2 | 3 | …]. Used in storage, forum, etc.
Due to small space I often click wrong link. It's waste of time and in summary of community waste of data streaming to surf to unwanted pages.
18-03-19 01:15
-tk1-: Hi sir dreamer, please provide new service feature in the credits system, reset the pet level by paying 10C. Since the pet from Gaia PvP averages a small statistical bonus, so we (the Blackdragon RPG players) want to reset the pet level in order to add more pet stats to be more helpful in fighting monsters on the Blackdragon land
17-12-28 14:38
-tk1-: Hi SIR Dreamer, i have ideas... please change mobs requirements in Quest for player who reach lvl 120, we bored to hunt Hell Hydra, Hell Baron, and others. Maybe you can change Mobs Requirements to Undead Hydra, Hell Ghoul, Ogre King, and others.
17-12-24 14:12
-supercell-: Sir Dreamer now its time to make a rarity magic scroll monster stronger today and it has more prof. To element spell.. its hard to us to kill it.. make a new magic rarity magic scroll so we can have atleast boost to our gear and stat.. thank you..
17-11-20 19:11
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