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reboot: 1.multiple trade (trade multiple item,1 for 2 or more)
2.different map trade (need to be friend or clanmate)

17-02-11 05:15
devil_brian: can trade 2 item or more for 1 item or more...
16-04-07 22:17
fisch1975: SORT ITEMS by char class would be very helpful! Surfing through all pages is a time killer. Lame :(
15-03-08 21:54
ciege7: A multitrade checkbox type option trade list between clan members trading out of their inventory would be good for clans.
If Diamond members did have the option to directly access any 3 item lists, a pick screen, inven keep and storage remotely, by adding what they want on their offer trade list, their clans would excel doing tasks, collectively gathering peiced items and even recoop after lost pvp items.
It would be an excellent incentive to go diamond and have clanmates support, especially in competition servers.
Not much different than the sell all feat at the shops. They add from checkbox inventory, confirm when done adding, review the trade list and ok what theyve chosen to trade with a clanmate, then they review the exchange in return offer list from the clanmate theyre trading with, with opts to accept or decline.
It'd be massive lists for Diamonds to scroll thru though, if were able to keep picking inven keep or storage.
Non clan trading should stay as it is.
One to one, and in same area.
But within a clan, it's a bit of a birds of a feather deal. Theyre only as good as their members can team and work together.
Clanmember to clanmember gifting, one item a day, with a recipient accept or decline feat would help clans bond.
Who doesn't like occasionally getting a gift by a clanmate. Maybe set it a weekly deal for regular, daily for support, 5x a day premium, and idk for diamonds.
People wouldn't waste their weekly ability to gift a clanmate, thats for certain.

Multitrade amid clans builds clans.
The one by one keeps them at a slow progression in their team tasking. Doesn't affect gameplay negatively in a cooperating clan.
15-01-10 12:57
lucifar: send of gold...
14-10-17 02:59
shadorinn: I think a great way to promote diamond membership would be to allow individuals who purchase a diamond membership to post items to the MP straight from their storage. Also, cutting back the posting limit from 1 minute to 30 seconds for diamond would be a nice perk as well!
14-09-14 04:31
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