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mast3r: *Try to revive this lol*

okay someday i put my Deadly lich ms for 900c, and someone buy it...
then he/she put that ms on a dirk, and PUT it back at MP for 250c and i buy it back -rofl-
18-10-29 12:28
x111x: lol'ing @ illusionz
14-12-14 07:36
genghiskhan: I was hunting level 41-60 quest units, and a fire elemental appears. I made my hp and stamina full by using potions , getting ready for the upcoming clash. When I attack it, *Poof* I died. I was like "O.O wut?!". And then I remembered that it was set to hardcore difficulty. Ugh, I feel bad about my healing pots and stamina pots. :(
14-10-12 07:14
sidik_uchiha: I want to buy credits that time,using mobiamoSMS
when i have finished typing message to 9887.
I suddenly open my acc, no credits.
Then i realized that MY PULSE WAS 48IDR! -rofl-
this is most embrassing :S
14-05-13 18:06
illusionz: Okay, I finally have a most embarrassing moment:

I often loan out equipment to others. I loaned out my Blood Dragon Elven Battmage boots....and got them back too. I was asked for some boots with strength not long after and couldn't find them ANYWHERE. This DA acct has keeper in every city + house. I looked in every keeper. I logged all my accounts and looked in their inventory and in their keepers... NO BOOTS! I complained for all evening in chat, wondering who I possibly loaned them to (I keep a record of everything I loan). I wanted those boots cuz I been saving them for my cherokee_rose chr if she ever got to lvl 80.....

Well, the morning of day 2, lance_cocuski says (IN CHAT) "Illu I think cherokee_rose is wearing your boots!" .....

:/ Sure enough, that gal was wearing my boots!!! And I checked her inventory and keeper like THREE TIMES and didn't notice.

I thought she was still in her 70's lol

:S Most embarrassing.
14-05-13 17:57
axelash: revive this
14-02-12 18:56
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