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missile_56: +1 will make sure to follow this when i get assassin in around a month.
17-10-09 23:37
-machete-: PvP (Assassination) Tips: Know that you have a good critical rate and evasion rate so just use the spells which would increase it more. Armor spell, protection spell and stat boost spell. Choose the best combination. Like Statistical boost + armor spell + critical.
14-05-04 12:19
-machete-: Reminder: Assassins are well known for their swift, precise and high critical damage which would leave the opponent lifeless. So in order for an Assassin to be swift and precise the essense of fighting that is needed to be trained is its Dexterity for we don't know yet which attributes increases the critical rate. So here are the basic probabilities.
14-05-04 08:47
-machete-: Now in the beginning buy the best armor and boots you could afford, don't spend it on the un-worth-it ones. Buy a heavy boots and leather armor if you can equip it. Pick up the golds, healths and mana on the ground, it'll help you very much. For now just increase you dexterity and let your evasiveness and precission rose from level 1 to 50. Then from 50 above add simultaneously from the attribute which would give critical rate and dexterity, then wisdom for its spells. Collect the best armors for Assassin's armors are easily depleted yet we have a high and precise critical damage. Search for allies that'll help you not to be attacked. Directly store up the good items in your keeper. Don't roam around foreign lands yet you might get butchered. Just hunt on you lands with allies. Atleast have the following equipped from level 25 till you get better gears: War bonnet, The centurion, Forestboots and Blood crescent. So I guess thats all for now. -dragon-
14-05-04 08:46
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