[Martis PvP] X-mas Round Is Back!
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-candy-: Love Martis! However I do agree with someone who posted on a different update. Gear locked items should be sellable at most in this fast environment. By the time I'm able to sell my old gear, it is almost obsolete and not worth selling anymore, and if I do sell it, it's at a loss. Also,.with only 10 clan members, it would be useful to be able to pass down our old gear, but maybe only to our clanmates?
17-12-07 19:12
-_ram_-: Ancient basilisk is bugging
17-12-07 04:09
wasteofbows: hope u atleast read that bowroyal's suggessions of gear sets on previous update what u think of that @dreamer?

as far as clan rewards are concerned top clans have top players top players earn diamond so what is the use of rewarding premium mode?
17-12-05 16:24
-good_santa-: 5star for dreamer!
17-12-05 14:49
dreamer: Reworked rewards doesn't mean that credits will get totally removed - this wasn't mentioned.

Regarding the crafting:
it's easier to get Gods & Ultimate title the way it's suggested in Library > Recipes than via Magic Scroll.
17-12-05 13:00
-hiromi-: Santa quest g1 pls
17-12-05 11:10
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