[Gaia] Got Ideas For Enemies?
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jfromyt: @Dreamer:sir pls put attendance in this game every month it changes u can get any items but only trial for 1-7days and charms and other things u want to put

Thank you
18-12-11 14:15
superlova: Add crismash event 300℅ exp both martis and gaia, Boring m#1 low exp
18-12-08 07:40
killer_phoenix: Phoenix King,godzilla,banshee,yeti,,siren,sasquatch,changeling,king Kong, leviathan, demon behemoth,cyber demon,chaos mech,war god,chaos dragon,divine dragon course thx dreamer oh dreamer this account key was given too me so please put the credits on my killer_phoenix account
18-12-07 17:20
dragon_buster: I want to see ultraman
18-12-07 06:52
boudica: I agree with ghostlykillerz & knightshadows. Create monsters for the titles that we already have & bring old event monsters in for high level players. It's getting harder to level up as your level goes up so super powerful mobs will help high level players keep leveling. I really don't think that you need to create any new monsters except for events maybe. You have a large selection of monster titles that need the matching monster...

Otherwise, I think that you are on the right track by closing out old pvp rounds & creating new competition rounds. When something never changes & becomes too familiar it becomes boring. I'm content to wait to see what you create next.
18-12-06 22:51
mightylord: so many ideas so i really can't ask for more now .... all i wish is mate that when u add better gears u increase the stats a lil bit more..... lvl 135 gears were really disappointing ...... i still haven't crafted dragon armor ... like its wis is lower than my current one.... but i have said this alreafy thro my yeager so... what i should mainly ask is -:

1) if u can add some low level mobs too...... like phenoix king or so it will make next pvp rounds more fun....

2) wake up this two gods lol and maybe if u can add a city near fallen archangels and bring more to titans area.. :)

done thx :)
18-12-05 17:09
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