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nuzon: Cant u even make a permanent PvP server(for no rewards) like the past? Its extremely fun to bully and kill other players in low lv where we can kill them with no time limit.. as u know its rlly hard to get good items.. also make the mobs as easy as gaia#1 server mobs so we can hunt for good items easier like the past

so yeah.. U may still make the active PvP(Gaia PvP, Terra PvP, Martis PvP) server with awesome rewards every months(or weeks may be?), but at least return the permanent pvp server so it wont be boring :v

U ask the server? I think.. may be like.. Gaia#4/Gaia#5.. or may be u can add the other server.. for the-point-Permanent PvP Server
19-03-31 01:19
necozi: I say adding a couple Easter eggs and comedic items might be cool and good for the community.
19-01-07 06:26
mikael_mikaelson: Gladiator areana have 5 on 5 pvp battles where each clan bets 100 c and clan who wins gets 200 c divided up between them
19-01-07 03:49
19-01-06 01:33
-lad-: how about adding kill streak just like in DotA .. which will be post in event chat like unstopable or dominating...
19-01-05 15:17
-iu-: GOOD to be back again hey to all!

my suggestion is why dont you make a round of only 1 class for all? dont you think its challenging? make a poll/votes to what class to use this round? so we can see who can play better . 1 class can be a challenge no more balance needed or adjustment to make . think abt it dreamer.

and another suggestion is make the dying dragons burst its stat. like when a dragon hp fall into 20% makes its stats stronger like +20% .isnt it challenging too?
19-01-04 13:00
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