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necozi: I say adding a couple Easter eggs and comedic items might be cool and good for the community.
19-01-07 06:26
mikael_mikaelson: Gladiator areana have 5 on 5 pvp battles where each clan bets 100 c and clan who wins gets 200 c divided up between them
19-01-07 03:49
19-01-06 01:33
-lad-: how about adding kill streak just like in DotA .. which will be post in event chat like unstopable or dominating...
19-01-05 15:17
-iu-: GOOD to be back again hey to all!

my suggestion is why dont you make a round of only 1 class for all? dont you think its challenging? make a poll/votes to what class to use this round? so we can see who can play better . 1 class can be a challenge no more balance needed or adjustment to make . think abt it dreamer.

and another suggestion is make the dying dragons burst its stat. like when a dragon hp fall into 20% makes its stats stronger like +20% .isnt it challenging too?
19-01-04 13:00
bandit-ban: ✌✌✌
uh we dont ask for silver platter we grind our way through ;D

to get rid of alts entrance key can only be obtain from purchasing credit

19-01-04 10:28
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