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19-01-08 10:40
weasel257-: (this idea is for martis #1) please make boost for the stats like the martis pvp now that it is a main server we need the boost its already hard enough there without more quests
19-01-06 18:35
rinnegan621: this is nice sir dreamer good job to you and your team. but will credit transfer be allowed from our main account in gaia or martis 1 sir?
19-01-05 08:21
mikoli: nice
19-01-05 04:36
definevelleity05: Sounds wonderful. I've never participated in anything like this before so this'll be a good start, I suppose. I'm impressed by everything you do (if it's a team then everything you all do) so I'm sure this'll be great. :)
19-01-05 02:11
x-hunterz-x: wow!!!

sounds exciting....

thanks admin
19-01-05 01:22
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