9th Anniversary Event
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19-01-09 18:58
sidon: nice event. ..but not the rewards....can you pls give a lil bonus to those who were hunting steel dragon but not on top? 1kill = 100 honor points. ..
19-01-08 23:03
equinox: nice event but you could extend the rewards to 20 or 50, throw in some honour or credits, maybe a credit bonus for buyers too.. it is the 9th anniversary, not many games last that many years, keep it up -knight-

ie not 20 scrolls, only top 9 and for the rest you could add a little bonus
19-01-08 15:39
19-01-08 15:05
profits: I can't even kill a steel dragon -__- do events in which everyone can take part like the Xmas event.
19-01-08 14:51
ulat: no have time
19-01-08 13:58
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