[Terra] What You Should Know
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nightshadows: Sounfs great
19-01-10 01:08
-timeless-: Sounds interesting dreamer -v- Thank You for always making Blackdragon more fun for us.
19-01-09 22:42
ryoushi: -paladin-
19-01-09 22:41
santt: -dance-
19-01-09 20:46
yukor: Its kinda good. But a single class means no class ranking rewards. but anyways, if we are going to vote for what class are we going to use, i would say barbarian or necro. Shoot bonus and critical will ruin the fun because dragons can get easily killed by that
19-01-09 19:53
one_trick_pony: I am looking forward to it, it's sort of like a test round.. That is the way I see it but I am curious of the improvements in the future. Excited!! -yahoo-
19-01-09 19:50
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