[Terra] Updates for Day 2
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equinox: good job but you could tweak the market a bit more
- give us the option to withdraw an item without a buyout option before the time expires
- fix the wrong quantity bug we sometimes get when we try to sell 50 scrolls or potions for example
- and it would be great if you could increase the bundle size from 50 to 100, that way we can get rid of magic scrolls faster
- also when we search items in the market the rarity of items/recipes should be displayed too
19-01-11 14:01
mysteriousheroin: Thx for updating contant for this server pvp
19-01-11 14:00
-3mpr3s-: Terra world is much smaller that Gaia and martis world. My point is several types of mobs are spawning only in one map so if we are aiming at one mob to get their title ms we can not guarantee to get it as fast as we can because another two kinds of mobs are also spawning in the same map therefore titled/non titled ms has a very low drop rate so I suggest to put a higher rate of ms drop titled or plain. Or simply extend the map to separate each type of mobs so we can aim on the mob we desire to hunt. That's all thanks and more power to this game and to the admin as well :)
19-01-11 13:49
-unhappy-: Thanks for the quick response:)
19-01-11 13:16
farrel-ll: Nice updated ty :)
19-01-11 10:42
sekki: ms droprate
19-01-11 07:05
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