[Terra] Updates for Day 2
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i_batatas: nice update
19-01-11 04:49
19-01-11 04:07
bernie: What about the ms drop rate? Aren't you going to change it?:(
19-01-11 02:46
nightshadows: Thanks
19-01-11 01:22
ya_krevedko: Super :)
19-01-11 00:45
-siti-: This round is one sided in favor of those who have creds and alot of them but what about the players that do no have them?yes this game needs funds to run but do not chase the new ines away how helpless must the new ones feel to see they dont stand a chance to c users? That doesnt make them spend more it makes them leave :( and it hurts the game more as posible future c buyers leave...the old c buyers gets bored and the new ones whats left?
19-01-10 23:52
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