[Terra] Updates for Day 2
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flashback: Bad server
19-01-15 10:05
-lavarta-: Junk update for what
19-01-13 08:01
-trixter-: Increase the plain or titled ms drop for us .

Map is so crowded that some high rank players steal some mobs to other players, not all players have the same net speed

Make a "sell" button to item view below

That's all!!
19-01-12 14:01
catherine: I have observed that the titled ms droprate is really low , including plain ms. This make the gameplay imbalance because the map is too crowded for hunting plus every map has a multiple mobs. Getting ur ingridients takes forever. Unless u random ms using creds .

So here is a suggestion that might improve our gameplay,

*either increase the normal ms droprate or increase titled item drops. Its either of the two but do not increase both because it is too much.

The reason is that, the price of unscrolling has been reduced but its pointless because u are not getting much of titled gears.
19-01-12 13:53
-oak-: Do you expect us to be online 24hours hunting?

1.Hardly title or plain ms drops..
200-300kills just for 1 plain ms?

2. Maps are too crowded..
not everyone has the same net speed..some people just wait for others to spawn high ranks to steal..

3. Hp boost cost 2c..?
Should be 1c.. 🙄
19-01-11 23:42
definevelleity05: Sounds lovely. :)
19-01-11 19:41
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