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farrel-ll: Still no updated
19-02-15 18:56
blackmamba_: The best update would be visit your site at least twice a week and not missing in action for weeks!-wall-
19-02-11 18:14
locvip_: Next pvp martis
19-02-11 10:06
-iky-: No replies to the previous announcement’s feedback? We gave our feedback on how the Terra PvP server can be improved., so why not let us here what you think too..
19-02-10 14:11
sakuragi2019: new challenge plz,

bring back potion that gives hp boost

new pets
pet gears to equip

spawn high rank mobs frequently

and fix error buying powder, that didnt go to my bag :(
19-02-09 19:44
argos: Waiting for challenge

Pls increase storage capacity at m1 ty
19-02-09 05:51
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