[Gaia PvP #46] Boar King & All Features On Mode!
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-vest3: Rune drop in small level map are great :) more great if your more increase titled ms to unseem pay to win gameplay :) plain ms drop are great too, so good job :)

Edit: update storage capacity to 10000
19-03-18 04:35
misdirection: The pig is too op -rofl-
19-03-17 14:00
saipen: u didnt follow ur sked... tsk tsk tsk... u should atleast tell to us whats the problem..
19-03-15 20:28
-sp1d3r-: Very good round. Only one problem. Lags alot. Fix it for a 5 star feedback
19-03-14 21:30
__-paladin-__: Please adjust recipe price if not having credits transfer. Tyvm
19-02-26 18:16
new_royal: We cant transfer C but why price rec random 50c and jewel 25c
19-02-26 02:58
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