[Gaia PvP #47] Eggs Hunt
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dinosaur: 1.classes arent balanced.
2.Fix the broken random rec.. 4kc+ on random and not a single useful rec..
3. Dinosaur stats not revealed.
4. Didnt get the reward for my idea “No random magic scroll” and “lower experience rate”.
5. Gold bar / plain ms / 1-3 credits from Dinosaur eggs.

Very very disappointing round.
You need to come online once in a while to fix these. But you are killing this game yourself with these ridiculous updates..

Asked for a fair round between credit buyers and non buyers. But removing level restrictions on lands? How is that fair for non-buyers.
19-04-26 01:37
edowado: Please check the class bonuses. Wis bonus from assassin are missing and why did the druid recieved str bonus? -rofl-please do compare at gaia because it seems like u buffed other classes and nerf others without informing us.

Chnge this server name into druid pvp server. :F making challenge mob and trex have super high dex so magic can only deal damage.
Trash server like terra. If u just showed the stats from the beggining, its more fair because we can prepare beforehand.
19-04-23 11:04
kirei: Please give life leech on velociraptor ms...;D
19-04-22 10:32
druid_terkuat_g1: Druid very² not balanced class

Druid need new spell like increase armor+dex or damage+dex

Druid called as a master of spells

So add spell above and + spell increase 4x100% wisdom so druid can be called as a master of spells
19-04-21 20:51
xenogear: trash event
19-04-18 21:57
idea-3: When you said "Expect a few surprises too" i wasnt expecting 90% of them to have Scrolls, 1-3 credits & gold bars. Taking away treasure chests for these... unbelievable
19-04-14 00:21
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