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-groot-: @timeless, you wouldn’t understand, its not you who did that much random :) and fyi , i know jewels and runes can be crafted.. i’ve played long enough to know that plus my feedback is for dreamer and not for you so i sincerely ask that you do not reply to my feedbacks ..

Top 1-3 should get a pair.. wouldnt have bought this many credits if i knew it was just 1 ring :/

* im regretting even playing this round *

1. 20kc on random, not a single warlord sign, assassin heirloom rec. couldnt even get enough recs to make 2x balance. Too many junk recipes.

2. Rank 9 units stats must be lowered for us to hit them and level.. have you even seen the stats on storm wraiths? 15k dex!! They are even harder then dragons on any previous rounds. Even with best dex gears at lv100 with best titles and full rune Sur and 3x ulti dex, our dex only reaches 12k-12.5k max.. clearly its impossible to try unless we spent 1000’s of credit per day to do our 2500 wins..

3. More then 7kc on random runes and only 1 Rune Sur!

4. 2500 wins for a slow net player like me or any one is the worst.. took me more then 5hrs to complete 2500 wins and no time for hunting ingredients or title ms..

**just another money grabbing server and admin too lazy to come online and fix things**

Kill the game already
19-05-22 03:51
gilliusjohn: can you put kitsune in the game & the little fox katana thx
19-05-20 01:32
-deja_vu-: *rollz eyez @ -groot- why didn't you look to buy those items? I didn't spend much on recipes and runes and got several of them. Sur can be crafted fyi -rofl-
19-05-20 00:26
19-05-19 23:29
-death-dragon-: -no-
19-05-18 05:54
trollbanker: no charms from quests how can we farm charms spend all out credits at random again to get all junk recipes and no charms again....

all mobs lvl 9 and we cant even hit a single mob above 90 we needed charms to kill them (or atleast try) but u made quests give no charms -wall-

this round is a total failure and a credit stealing round only nothing else

my last pvp round I QUIT
19-05-18 05:39
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