[Martis PvP] Round #48 is OVER!
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x-hunterz-x: Not balance

Not fair :(

Last pvp server wasted my 99.9% credits

And yet no credits reward

No to credits transfer again!!!!!

Super badluck with randoms... I want to throw my cellphone :(

Super low droprates of recipe and jewels

Plz give at least mythic powder for top 50
19-06-01 18:02
dutchelm: Black dragon need's a 'totally new look and feel 'there is about 15 players trying to keep this going thank you but it's not working I did really enjoy this game /// you get to a certain level 0-110 if 'you have the money you can get there in a couple of months if not a couple of years of hard work to get to that stage (( Ps yes you have to make money to continue but if you stop ripping people of they WILL spend more money) That's the short version --( just think about it ) ???? 😊☹😎
19-06-01 01:12
19-05-31 21:01
19-05-31 20:27
-iky-: 1. No compensation or whatsoever for the bad updates which made us lose ranks.
2. Rewards are not equal to what we spend.
3. Not balanced. Past few rounds were druid favored. Especially the event unit.
4. Random service was a joke and no action taken.
19-05-31 19:29
-asmodeus-: congrats to the winners!

single star feedback, due to the fact that balance in the game has been lost. some questionable updates were there in the round since day 1. and dragon/BOSSes were just too impractical . overall the round was made unnecessarily too expensive .
19-05-31 19:04
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