Empyrean Challenge!
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argos: Mythic powder for lvl 50 ;(. Separate spell set for challenge pls. Have to changing spell set every time i get event lives is tiring
19-06-08 16:32
mri: Top 3???
19-06-07 04:23
blackmamba_: Good except for top 3,why not top 10 instead so non diablo/royal have a chance.-facepalm-
19-06-07 03:38
ulat: i like that and next time for top 1 only get scroll -clap-
19-06-06 09:03
mas_amir_s4: Make reward for top 3

Royal diablo
Supreme DA
Supreme class

Its better
We Supreme class or sDA can't reach top 3 because royal too OP
19-06-04 15:30
zaikan: Try this on the next challenge, only top 1 gets the scroll and lvl 70 mythic powder and lvl 100 heroic powder then 1 sp per lvl and then no jewel/charm effect -rofl-
19-06-03 22:49
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