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19-05-31 23:30
-_deadshot_-: The only problem I see with the druids being OP in the dragons hunt is that they only have to focus on wisdom and the spells do their work, spells also dont miss as often as physical hits.
Therefore some physical damage spells would be helpful, the damage could be decided by taking into consideration dexterity & damage at the same time, however the hit/miss rate wont be that of dexterity but the same/similar to that of magical damage spells
19-05-31 23:43
turkeon: .

1.If you wanna take last feature requirement, please make pcs item quiver for amazon , dual wield for assassin need to rebuild boost stat for classes
3.turn off boost stat on pvp but double damage , no effect blow & no shoot bonus (jewels are active)
4.add feature take off all items

Ty :(
19-06-01 01:38
79758957: the problems is critical bonus on assassin and amazon but assassin got up ahead because dual wielder class.. my idea is secondary weapons for every class.. like sword and knive.. we sometimes see it in action movie -rofl-
druid is specialist for untouchable target with their spell and nothing more to say about it so maybe wisdom boost is applied for all class equally but druid also must have boost in their strength.. lol i think i think too much..
and maybe if every class can have their special bonus burst damage it will be equal to all build and that also druid include not only for physical specialist class..
so whit runes every class have the same chance too overcome it.. i think :)
but secondary weapon for every class is must to make it equal to assassin in dragon hunt..

that's all i can think :)
19-06-01 01:39
19-06-01 03:38
mas_amir_s4: I hope u read my feedback on last Gaia PVP
Im tired typing if u not read it
19-06-01 07:44
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