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pugdro: Keep the same claases already but try ti focus on drops that has to do with the class thank you
19-06-18 06:03
-iky-: Add “unequip all” feature..

Work on balancing the dragons for all class instead of buffing classes..

Fix random service. Remove those useless recs and runes.

Give conflux amulets for reward cause they are too hard to get now cause of other ingredients

Dont favor druid builds in every round
19-06-16 06:30
sxyhillbilly: Dont worry about balanceing classes each time you do all it does is switch out which is best class to use for pvp server. All classes are gods now compared to when we first started haveing pvp rounds. But if you want to really balance classes go old school and pvp a true hardcore server like in the old days. No class bonus no level reqs for towns no ult jewels or runes just gems and skill. But no matter what you decide some will complain. So just do what you feel is best. BD 4 LIFE
19-06-16 01:30
dutchelm: Stop pandering to all the cheater's in this game and let it go (START SOMETHING NEW) this game is a joke 😬😬 --😩😩
19-06-15 03:39
stomper: EVERY body starts from level one - you have to build up your Main stat then all other stats to help YOURSELF instead of cheating there is certain toons in this game who seam to get all new weapons and armor as soon as it's available??? Me smells corruption 😊☹😊☹
19-06-15 01:47
bernie: 1.Where's lighting bolt grandmaster master? It's in library but I don't see it in any town/city...
2. Don't fix something that's not broken, classes are already balanced just focus updating the other components of the game which are broken/unfinished(Example: Clan Beast Arena and Antagarich)
3. Make dragons have different spell set for each class...example: Random Prot. Spells for druid and Fend/weakness for Barbarians...
4. Bring back that random service where in it provides a random list of items and it resets every hour and we have to pick which item we want from the list..

5. Don't enable transfer of credits
6. Make a pieced dual wield gear and quiver...
My suggestion:
Banshee blade
Dmg: 50-95
+20 dexterty
+20 wisdom

Dual wield
Assassin level 60

Enchanted Quiver
Dmg: 20-30
+40 armor
+30 dexterity
+25 endurance/wisdom

Amazon level 60

7. Wins today should be like the old das , 100% exp from 1-250 wins, 75% from 251-500, and so on... Or make what I suggested before... A setting where we can control whether or not we want to use our wins ...that way we can save our wins and hunt if we want to (this will decrease alts since most players just use alts to look for ingredients or recipes)
8. Don't put rankings for quests( quests are easier in Gaia compared to martis so keep that feature to martis)
9. Add new spells to improve the dragon hunt experience

.. Example=
Shield Strike
Class: Earth
Mana required:100

Dmg: 30-75
Reduces enemy's physical damage and dexterity

Paladin level 60

10. Add base damage for Frenzy spell of barbarians to make it like Soul Bind but of different element... Thsi will help balance the classes since barbs are the only ones with no damage spells.

11. Make up your mind dreamer... Don't surprise us with some insane random feature that we will eventually hate and you'll just remove it(like last martis). Pls post the features for server at least 2 days before it starts.

12. Make honor shop available this pvp server... But only the Items, Recipe, Runes, and Charms will be available..

13. Regarding suggestion number 12, make the hunt mob this server drop honor points instead of credits...

14. Why not try enabling Death Angel in Gaia pvp to make dragon hunt more thrilling... (Those who go D.A will still appear on the class rankings of the class they started with)
19-06-13 16:25
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