[Gaia PvP] Registration is OPEN!
farrel-ll: Waiting next update
19-06-21 16:26
argos: Haven't gotten to 50 on event, then its starting already -wall-
19-06-21 15:18
bernie: "The changes regarding the classes & any balance involved with it will be announced in the next day or two so you may wish to wait a little bit before choosing the character's class. "

Uhmm where's your announcement on the class balance? Furthermore, server features?-facepalm-
19-06-21 02:46
scarar: Please give us 100% exp on first 1000 kills. If we have to hunt for 2500 wins, it takes hours to complete and that's unfair to the players who end up getting low rankings after all the time spent on the game
19-06-20 19:59
dragongun: Add features reset skill points in Gaia pvp
19-06-20 16:39
--b4n3--: Greetings!

Just a quick announcement that a registration for the new round of Gaia PvP is OPEN!
You've got to be kidding me -rofl- this isn't a quick update ;D
19-06-20 14:12
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