[Gaia PvP] Balance Changes
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-pazazaran-: thanks you -clap-
19-06-21 16:54
19-06-21 17:02
sidon: Amazon's & Assassin's critical boost is
capped at
250% (was 300%).
I'm actually fine if it was 200% ....shoot and
critical are way too op features
or assassin and amazon can have their 300% shoot/critical but all other classes must have critical hit too (150% cap)

add new types of spells....dont just add soulbind like spells...
add something unique like:
melody: 25% chance to make opponent fall asleep
19-06-21 17:12
-clarence-: Thank you sir dreamer your the best! -clap-
19-06-21 17:13
dinosaur: So you just made barb just as strong as assassin’s and amazon’s by giving it a new spell like soulbind.. with that spell + whirlwind master , they are probably going to be op while Necro’s and pally’s remains weak as usual 🤔 how is that balancing?? 🤔🤔
19-06-21 17:24
bernie: Just be active that's the best feature @dreamer-good-

Also @dinosaur, dreamer just balanced barbarian along with the damage dealers( amazon and assassin) ... And who said necro and pally are weak? I think now with 75% max on spells they can weather the damage storm brought up by those damage dealers... Druid will probably remain dragon hunters lol
19-06-21 17:34
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