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dahon_san_saging: Pls remove druid in class selection, its useless as trash.
19-07-08 07:20
asgareth: Please make a spell for druid
( decrease strength and dexterity)
You gave druid class dex boost but they cant use it if it has no spell for that stats making the stat basically useless. They really need that spell since they always get hit by mobs all the time unlike other classes who can use dex to dodge. I'm sure players will benefit greatly from this. Amazon has that spell and bonus shot and there's more for other classes but I think you get the point. I'm a druid player so I would like to see this new improvement. Thank you for always working so hard
19-06-30 03:56
spiro: I'm glad you made improvements to class stats but still some issues remain. Palladins are like gods now. We already amazon and assassin as op but palldin is even more op. Plus all class are getting 75% spell boost. Palladin already has 75% spell protections which is something not even druids benefit from and with the spell boost it's becoming more unfair to all other classes. Im glad you improved barbarians so much. Good work on that but please take druids into consideration too. If all classes has the benefits that should be for druid only like spell boost then I think they should have at least 90% spell boost. The competition should be more fair for all classes and druids have always been the main targets in pvp since they suck on pvp. Thanks for all the good work. I hope you take what I said into consideration
19-06-28 15:39
-trouble-: Like rusty said give barbs a barbie spell -rofl-
19-06-22 15:08
_crusader_: Nice improvement too

Also,need to suspend and ip ban for iwanstar aka pitaloka2 since he wanna do RMT and scammers too
19-06-22 05:10
rust_dragon: Last gaia barbar cant learn haste spell also...pls give barbie spell like ice arrow
19-06-22 04:07
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