[Gaia PvP #49] Golem King & Golems Hunt! Castles Back!
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-cda-: Credits not transferring between servers is hurting the game dreamer. And, level 100 to enter Aurora area to fight Golem King and dragons,?.
19-07-14 00:06
sure_shot: increase drop of tittled ms and if you turn of wins today pvp is disabled to prevent while attacking unit another player will attck whos fighting a unit
19-07-04 02:22
spiro: Please bring back half lvl requirements. It was one of the best features in pvp and it would be great if we could have it again. And with that feature we can prepare accordingly for dragons with 100+ gears even if we are below lvl 100. And please increase lava golem respawn rate too. Thanks for all the good work
19-06-25 08:19
nightshadows: Make things harder throw in some randomness to mix things up since its pvp server and supposed to be a contest to see who the strongest warrior is for the round :)
19-06-24 07:10
mightylord: I hate donuts now
19-06-24 02:10
19-06-23 22:44
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