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-pazazaran-: add dungeon and Add Diablo potion 15000 or 20000 honnor no much ppl can play pvp server full time need rest like me ;D -clap-
19-07-17 15:58
argos: Chat settings is still not fix.
19-07-17 14:56
mondemon: Hopely can craft the 3x recipe we same rarity.."example"
3x recipe of dragon amulet(epic).
To become (mythic)
And 3x epic powder . Craft it to make (mythic) powder..
to help the low bracket.make a chance to get (mythic). :)
19-07-17 14:29
mybad: Give rewards to the top 1 in each class hehehhe
19-07-17 12:06
septima: Hmmm...I'm going to buy credits before bragging;D Then I'll be cool I guess 😎
19-07-17 10:15
-facepalm--fool-: I bet those "pabibo" will say, "I agree with boudica"-rofl-
19-07-17 10:11
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