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thistle: How about some type of summons spell that can be used after an energy bar has filled for fighting mobs but not pvp as it would have a better critical hit
19-07-23 02:19
-anduen-: Suggestion to have two sets of items equipped at the same time, players decide which set is used in a battle in the same way that spell sets work.
19-07-19 22:38
blackmamba_: 1.Open the antagarich and make new quest there which gives double the sp compare to the aurora quest and necklace with more wis as a reward.
2.Make the rest of lvl 100 recipes (eg.suwayah,moon quiver,etc.) and also lvl 110 recipes drops here.

Agree with fubu..Why not enable crafting jewels by bundles?(eg. 81 joa I may turn to joa V,9
joa II to joa IV)in just one click.Hope you will consider this.
19-07-19 15:01
profits: New lands and new weapons/gears for levels 50-100.

New bosses with decent drops for low/mid levels.

Lastly please add a new class like shaman or a defensive healer etc.. Would be fun to see one or two new class's being implemented to spice up the game.
19-07-19 12:14
-fubu-: Auto detect when combining jewels. Combining these jewels must have alternate way. Combining items or ms has 3 slots to perform while these alternate way has only one slot but can detect all jewels that can be combined on it's maximum level Ex. 27 jewels can be combine to level 4 in just few clicks depends on how many pieces of jewels are carried.
19-07-19 07:28
xaxdxix11: Add selling items in bundle or other things that make moving several items easier
19-07-19 02:21
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