Colossal Titan Challenge & New Arena/PvP Seasons!
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19-07-20 13:21
--b4n3--: I haven't get reward last pvp tourney but it did not reset to zero this time
19-07-19 06:14
-iky-: Top3 is not good.. make it top 5..

Update - thank you 😍😍 i know i wont get it with so many royals but this just makes me want to try harder

Could you make one more slot in spell just for events.. its time consuming having to change spellset everytime..
19-07-17 17:55
sidon: Why top 5 only?

Can you bring back the old reward system?..where participants can get the scroll for reaching lvl 40 (it was lvl 20 before)....atleast this way...even only few players can reach lvl 40 they knew they have a chance to get the scroll if they work hard...:)
19-07-17 15:49
lpg_3kg: ew for top 5😂 but ok np -cool-
19-07-17 10:20
bernie: Charms here charms there, charms everywhere:/
19-07-17 09:57
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