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argos: Mighty&magic boar,velociraptor and boar king since boar king wasn't killed.
The player who killed boar king will get boar king ms and pig class as reward... -rofl-

Can you make charm non sellable when dropped?(like tresaurechest/yggdrasil seed/lotto token,sold more than half of my charm drop last round).
19-07-19 17:55
asgareth: Since it's the 50th anniversary why don't we make it epic! Instead 1000 wins why dont we start with 5% wins and increase it by 5% after every 100 wins (capped at 100%). Remove wins limit and allow players to surpass lvl 150 and reset it after the round is over. This will allow players to fight the strong mobs and craft lvl 130 gears which will encourage players to spend a lot since we are already getting double credit on purchase. Players will lose 1 gears on dying and the player finishing off the mob wins the gear as a reward. This will be to favour players spending countless hours in the game and increase the competition where there's no limit. I think this would be something worthwhile of an anniversary. Except for that keep up the good work :)
19-07-19 17:27
-iky-: Congrats on reaching 50th PvP round.. since you are doubling the credit sale.. why not triple the drop rates on everything? And i mean like the useful ones such as charms, recipes and title scrolls and maybe you can double the skill points from purchasing too 😍😍

Also remove exp from castles and add rewards for the clans that holds castles for the longest time.. that way castles will not be favored for the buyers..

Increase reward and dont bring events this time.. not many players work to hunt them.. :/ if you add more rewards then definitely more players will work hard to earn them from ranking.. maybe add conflux amulets for the rewards.. 😰
19-07-19 15:36
-pazazaran-: Change All charm have Endurance Boosts
19-07-19 14:15
lpg_3kg: i am like idea deleted marketplace and trade
19-07-19 13:16
hyakkimaru: Increase ms drop rate and remove 10(ace) mob 100% drop for their ms and also make fair for other class
19-07-19 12:42
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