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kinmaw: 1. Honor reward equivalent to the lvl reached
lvl. 10=10 honor
lvl. 20=20 honor
lvl. 30=30 honor
lvl. 40=40 honor
lvl. 50=50 honor
lvl. 60=60 honor
lvl. 70=70 honor
lvl. 80=80 honor
lvl. 90=90 honor
lvl. 100=100 honor
2. receive 10 credits for leveling up
3. new spell for assassin
Increase your dexterity and damage+casts damage
4. life leach for amazon
5. increase the life leach of necromancer
6. PvP account will be automatically transferred to the main account(items,exp, and skill points,etc.) after PvP round to avoid having more alts
19-07-19 01:11
-kakashi: bring back mighty boar -rofl-
19-07-19 00:16
neval: Need some rest between PvP :)
19-07-18 23:10
muqiezmuqtafa: I want to play Terra Pvp!!!
19-07-18 22:51
warmind: rise of the roman gods, u know: aphrodite, hela,etc. hmm, u could create this for royal diablos: battle with main gods that is the strongest ones, zeus, posiedon, hades, anyone who wins gets to become a demigod, something that royal diablos will find challenging it can be a portal to new land in gaia1 only for royal diablos only opened when pvp server are opened, i havent seat this idea through but i hope u get it.
19-07-18 22:46
muqtafafaiz: Announcements[Gaia] Ideas for Classes BalanceUpdate feedback!Read from beginning  argos: Remove spells missing on events challenge.tyvm19-06-13 06:42  muqtafafaiz: I just finished reading a Greek fairy tale. It was told there was a hero named Bellerphon assigned to kill horrible monsters: Chimera, goat-bodied, lion-headed, and his tail was a snake. Cannot be attacked from the front because it spouts fire and can't get it from behind because it spouts poison. But it must be from the air riding a Pegasus. Bellerophon managed to tame Pegasus with the golden reins given by God. Finally he managed to aim an arrow at the Chimera's body from the air. From this story I think and have an idea to package it in the upcoming Gaia PvP: 1. Hunt for Pegasus to find gold reins, recipes, elixirs, and charms. 2. Kill Chimera with 25 credit rewards and MS Title for the top 10 players 3. Kill Chimera King with reward New Title Class: Bellerophon and Title MS Other features are usually the same as Dragons Thanks19-06-11 05:42
19-07-18 22:45
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